FC2 World Game Plan Contest

Announcement of the results

The Second Prize

RPG + puzzle game
by  Nekopon & Kuma


Both works require to play puzzles on RPG and are distinctive! We concluded these ideas were worth being commercialized if we add some improvements. We would like to offer a prize for these ideas as one good work. Congratulations.

There were no works which meet the requirements for the grand prize. The prize-winning ideas will be commercialized after we add some more brushups. Fine work prize winning ideas, encouragement prize winning ideas and those which were not chosen this time might also be commercialized. Participants whose ideas won prizes will be notified when their ideas start to be commercialized.

The Fine Works

Box of box
by nico


Well done! The box does not stop on the way, so it prevents vague solutions. Various stages can be made in this game.

Gravity ruler
by X10


A player arranges colored blocks and earses them. First a player has to erase some blocks to make a hole in a base, then sinks a base by tilting it. If blocks are rearranged after being sunk, another hole appears. In this kind of game blocks are earsed automatically, but this one requires manual operation. Nice idea. However, solutions are necessary to clear these points; the sequence cannot be predicted by tilting alone and massive erasure does not function well since the whole game is controlled by time.

by Takkun


A player keeps balance by building up blocks. Physics and arithmetic calculation are generally used for a game like this. But as long as we look at the drawing, the blocks are built up closely together. Hope we will come up with an idea to make better use of this game.

by Raiun


The image of this game was kind of unclear, but we can see there is a clear image and a certain sense of physics on the participant's mind. We would like to see what kind of game screen it is. If it's OK with you, please reply to us when you receive an e-mail about being awarded.

by Tanikaze


Connect pegs! The idea that uses something in everybody's daily life is interesting. The image of pegs connected and hung is peculiar. The pegs get inclined or block other pegs' ways. This idea is good also. When the first peg is removed, the rest falls into a basket. That's the point in this game. Although some adjustment is required, we think it is an interesting idea.


The Encouragement

Nervous breakdown Tetris

by J.N


by lonsan777

Tetris mah-jong

by Y.H

rotary maze

by xyaa

Rubik's Music Cube


Balance Porocolo

by 34 monme

Attack the castle!


iPhone soccer

by Takada

Number Bomber 0

by Rokube

Go home!

by Kinakoromochi


by Migo

Amida music

by jonky

cocktail puzzle

by Masaya Ueda


by Hikaru


by Qwertity


by KZP

cleansing game

by Yukabou


by Sho-hei

destroy the shaikh block

by K.G

friend circle

by Miezarumono


by Booboo

smash a mine

by Takada


by cLiFF

train connect!

by Nikatoma

Rescue People

by 5th

castle break

by Lester


We are very happy that as many as 1,000 people joined our game contest. Thank you for your participation. In general, this kind of contest just collects ideas which can be actually materialized as games. While trying to make game plans, participants have to think about whether their games can be fun for players or how they should be programmed. This time, however, all participants were able to take part in the contest without thinking about programming. And that means a good description or a good drawing could sway our judgement.

So we looked at every work over and over again and tried to add some improvements so that they can be commercialized. If an idea is good enough to make us think it works, we consider such an idea to be "potential". And if the potential is strong enough, the idea can actually be commercialized as a game. Description and drawings do not always have to be neat. Because when a participant is eager, we feel it.

The comments we left on each prize winning idea and improvements we made are just our sense of values. Each work could be considered to be an excellent one somewhere else. We hope we will be able to provide something amusing again and will be looking forward to your participation in the next contest.
FC2, Inc.